Statistical advantage in all media to provide a reference index for the advertising investment

With the rapid development of technology, communication means endless, increasingly integrated interoperability between traditional media and new media, although there is no authoritative, accurate definition of all media, but in practice in the field of global communication with its day to day development connotation than a decade, all the media has gone from a multimedia, multi-media to the integration of media evolution. nowadays the general consensus is that all media is not only including television, radio, film, video, newspapers, magazines, publishing, Internet, mobile phones , iPad, outdoor signs and other types of communication tools, but also covers vision, hearing, smell, touch and other sensory information from all mankind to accept the feelings.

The rise gradually spread all media

About six years ago, the field of domestic news media began to explore and practice all media dissemination. Media industry leaders have put their full media strategy, television, radio, newspapers, publishing, advertising and other industries focused on showing two different camps: one full-expanding media ideas that focus on channels and means to enrich and expand, such as the emerging all-media publishing, all media advertising, the second is the integration of all media type, that means developing new media channels and at the same time , focusing on the combination of multiple media platforms, such as the formation of the whole media center and other news from the current point of view, full coverage, interactive linkage, instant transmission, real terminal, content aggregation is becoming all media dissemination of the five most significant features.

From the industrial chain division constituted the whole mass media can be summarized as all media editors, all mass media, all media operations into three parts. Refers to reconstruct all media editing process for all types of media editing features, so that the information in the form and structure of the fundamental changes to meet the different reading, viewing habits of the audience, all mass media is the media in the form of re-architecture, multi-channel content, multimedia, multi-platform release, the realization of cross-border coverage, full media operations will be further highlighted in the media platform steering application platform, content distribution will be integrated into commercial elements, to produce economic benefits, while new commercial products will be endless, performance commercial operations will also be greatly improved.


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