On several major discomfort after the toilet is never funny returnees returning with paper

British traffic lights

In the UK there is a yellow traffic lights, as long as you appear in lights where all the cars will stop. Really miss after returning there by public transport order, as if life will be valued only in European countries, really ……

Just remember to buy a subway ticket to return home, when I stood silently watching the conductor the ticket window after about 6 seconds, and finally remembered what to say, my mind was full of French turn in the life of a French years, used to buy things in French, one time really hard to turn the corner. usually think of a question, but turn my mind is English, foreign language learning and work are in English, so often friends and colleagues talk about things when the inevitable but also to express themselves in English, this will make others feel uncomfortable (probably a lot of people want, small for gestational age, you do not what is out of a country, showing off what), we strive to The urge to restrain the use of other languages. Ever since, many times, I am looking for a half day in the mind corresponding Chinese, the results are often hesitant, I lied.

I do not know how the Europeans think, should wipe with a cloth after washing utensils clean, very troublesome, but I feel good. So he slowly developed a habit of rubbing dishes, but can not buy everywhere wiping cloth tableware I had to let my son bowl dish Son himself dry well.

Are back for several days, to buy things when it always used to price converted into pounds, as long as the bottle of plum juice Master 20p, only to hit a car from one euro (cheaper than in a foreign country by bus), go to Carrefour when the most happy, buy buy ah ah just want to buy a lot more than ten pounds.

It seems that every restaurant where no one else will have few people can speak loudly, or urging people to drink, or laugh, or feeling of life, or compliment each other, or complain homely. Matter which corner you sit where all can share their conversation, so other people in the restaurant had also screaming to speak, to hear friends across what you say in Beijing, no matter where you go, you are in front of a bunch of people back of the head, the subway, buses and shopping malls are the most annoying place, you are indispensable squeezed knocked experience, if no one told you I’m sorry, you did not have to lather, Who we are living in this crowded city. noisy and crowded whether Beijing prosperous and developed a footnote it? miss European restaurant hum of conversation and the crushing sound of cutlery, always a seat of the bus, looked up and could see the rolling mountains, no Several people park there is no trace of polish, spacious and comfortable train cars there are still many seats are empty.


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