Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun arrived in Taiwan launched first visit to Taiwan trip

Published: 14:49:12 June 25,2014  Views: 131

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, June 25 - (Reporter Liu Gang Chen Junguo Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun, 25 am aboard Air China CA185 flight arrived in Taipei Taoyuan Airport, launched a four days and three nights in the first visit to Taiwan trip.

Zhang Zhijun at the airport with the first hello to the folks in Taiwan Taiwanese He said that this trip has two main purposes: First, be responsible for the Taiwan Affairs Office and the MAC's second formal meeting, how to promote cross-strait relations and the situation on cross-strait relations exchange of views, the second is more to look at the grassroots level in Taiwan, Taiwan's all walks of life, especially in contact with the grassroots people, learn about their lives, thoughts and ideas and suggestions for the development of cross-strait relations are thinking in order to understand the true Taiwan.

Zhang said that there are still many problems, challenges, but I believe compatriots on both sides work together, tough forward, must be able to usher in a better future cross-strait relations between the two sides.

Taiwan MAC Vice Chairman Chang Hsien-yao Zhang Zhijun and his party at the airport to greet Taiwan temple will be sworn in Taiwan township representatives will always, Taiwan Mazu Association, Taiwan village chief Joint Service Association, the Taiwan strait peaceful development forum, Taiwan's new residents Association for a number of organizations, such as Taiwan and China Patriotic concentric and many Taiwanese people would spontaneously to the airport and 'Zhang Wang Hui' venue where the Novotel Taoyuan International Airport, hand written 'come and go, than to go over the pro' , 'supports a pro-strait' and other words of banners, the arrival of Zhang Zhijun and his party a warm welcome.

Taichung Le Cheng Temple honorary chairman Guosong Yi said, only Taiwan temple Quinlan will organize more than 1,000 people attended welcomed the peaceful development of cross-strait forum executive secretary 张五郎 in an interview with reporters Zhang Zhijun, director of a warm welcome to visitors, he said, this visit to enhance mutual political trust, communication on both sides, and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations will play a major role in promoting(http://www.wantinews.com/).

25 afternoon, Zhang Zhijun, the Mainland Affairs Council chairman Wang Yu-chi with Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Novotel Hotel, the two sides held strait affairs authorities responsible second formal meeting.

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