"One finger" can view the beauty and ugliness? Orthopedic specialists: This does not fly

Published: 18:23:06 April 23,2014  Views: 7741

China Jiangsu Network April 23 (Reporter correspondent Liu Min Wang Yi M) Recently, the 'beauty and ugliness identification method' on Sina Weibo microblogging hot topic boarded the list. Here the 'beauty and ugliness identification method' is A Japanese friends goofed beauty and ugliness of test methods: If the index finger is connected chin and nose will encounter the lips, that is ugly, whereas the United States is a long while, female stars have joined showbiz. test their beauty and ugliness of the ranks. This method really fly it? reporter conducted some research.

'3.1' is perfect

After the deputy director of Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University Plastic Surgery Center physicians Lei hear this criterion, said he was very surprised he said it was no scientific basis. Lei pointed out that in terms of cosmetic medicine, there is a concept of beauty plane, also is commonly referred to as '3.1', ie nose, lips, chin three parts can be a line, which is perfect, but in fact determine the standard of beauty and ugliness is virtual, there is no precise standard as long as long as the lips in the plane where the nose and chin, upper lip in this plane, the lower lip can be a little bit above in this plane, are possible(http://www.wantinews.com/). 'If you follow 'Beauty plane' of this standards, then just hit the index finger tip , lips and chin. had a real beauty is not touched, lips met lips, but is oh! '

Take this test to recruit mostly European and American people, 'the United States'

Another analyst said that this criterion is the face of Europe, is not suitable for Asians face. Lei, deputy director of the physician explained that, in fact, about the standard of beauty, Asians and Europeans are about the same, are in accordance with the standards of beauty plane determination, but the facial features of Asians and Europeans are not the same. Asians face type and face shape bones about, in addition, affected by facial fat and other soft tissue development situation, in which the upper and lower jaw opposite developmental morphology Type the greatest impact, but with the beauty and ugliness of the evaluation criteria are not directly affected. Instead, Europeans and Americans angular face, nose relatively straight, through this evaluation criteria chance encounter on the smaller lot(News News http://www.wantinews.com/). experts pointed out that, in fact, harmonious symmetry, see This is mainly a comfortable standard of beauty.

'Shoehorn face' after cosmetic harmony

If you really standard 'of beauty and ugliness identification method' to determine, that would not become a 'shoehorn face' savior, they have become the beauty of it all! But those 'shoehorn face' in the United States who have yet embarked on the road of plastic surgery.

Wang Lei, deputy director of the physician told reporters about: 'I had a reception for the United States, she was a 20-year-old girl, chin forward Alice Obviously, the nose is not very pretty, she was laughing classmates' shoehorn face 'job interview repeatedly frustrated So think through plastic surgery to change their appearance, so we do the surgery and rhinoplasty mandible push for him after the surgery, the girl's nose, lips and chin almost on a plane, overall feel more harmonious. '

The United States who are most concerned about the eye

According to experts, the amount of plastic and cosmetic surgery center is still ranked a double-fold eyelids, opened his eyes dominated, especially on holidays, summer, many young people accept the double eyelid surgery. Additionally, cosmetic injections, autologous fat transplantation surgery are also increasing, especially some men to the United States who have joined the army in shaping the number to increase at an annual rate of 20%, while the mere tip of the United States who do less, generally considered as a whole and the entire face of the nose effect, not in order to 'identify ugliness Law' alone chin pad or cushion nose. However, as well as to promote the powerful Korean star effect in the Chinese market, some of the United States who blindly Herd to star as a template, there too blindly phenomenon this reason, experts remind the United States who, for their own harmonious face is beautiful. suggested the United States who choose to go to regular medical institutions for their beauty as a powerful guarantee.

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