Baidu "chopsticks search" version 1.0 intelligent search screening food safety

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'Mankind has not prevented Baidu,' and today, Baidu secret development for two years, 'Baidu search chopsticks' (Portable identifiable search detector) was launched, which is a combination of high-tech Baidu created intelligent search external devices can be screened food safety, food information to help users clearly grasped, will resist the harm in vitro.

Botox imported milk powder, poisonous rice, fake lamb · · · · · · various food security 'door' constantly testing the 'eat goods' are the affordability of the stomach to eat something to do 'pretty good idea' to become common voice, while the use of the Internet thinking Baidu launched 'Baidu search chopsticks,' bear a responsibility in food safety and health, but also indicates that food security will enter the 'Internet governance' era.

Baidu "chopsticks search" version 1.0 intelligent search screening food safety

'Chopsticks search' product form

Heat transfer in the network section of 'chopsticks search' cool video display, 'chopsticks search' function is the main 'ingredients traceability search' function in the 'chopsticks search' with your computer connected wirelessly after, simply contact with food, it can screen through a clear understanding of the body, including nutrients, shelf life, with taboos, and a series of information about food calories (video:( 8/k0127npy6e8.html)

Baidu "chopsticks search" version 1.0 intelligent search screening food safety

'Chopsticks search' feature is the main 'ingredients traceable Search'

Meanwhile, the 'chopsticks search' also has a 'fat fast analysis engine' that can easily distinguish hazardous waste oil, grease, to a great extent to avoid spending against its built-in 'highly sensitive temperature sensor module' may facilitate precise control of different cooking temperatures. more humane, the equipment 'sodium ion analysis means' correct guidance can also be a day of salt intake. Moreover, the 'chopsticks search' at the same time powerful, designs also reached the top level, in addition to doing chopsticks Women users can also use it as a hairpin to facilitate carry.

In short, the 'only for healthy living' for the idea of ​​creating a 'Baidu search chopsticks', either form or function from the product concept, are described for the first time in Chinese classical fusion of traditional and modern internet life to create 'smart crystallization. 'It is learned that will revolutionize search peripherals April 31, 2014 sale of the whole network. For those who prefer digital technology products you may offer this product at the end of the upcoming seemed overjoyed.

Similarly on the portable intelligent terminal innovations, on the one hand reflects the world's largest Chinese search engine Baidu bold imagination and the pursuit of future innovative products, it also highlights Baidu insight, caring spirit will be deeply humanistic embodied in the form of products. Recently, visualization of large data from Baidu multiple diversification of services rendered to the intimate Baidu search, and updating search breakthrough patented technology, all this demonstrates Baidu's R & D and output capabilities, In the era of user experience, the perfect combination of culture and technology has been firmly established.

e', 'safe' green logo. way, genuine App developers will get a more comprehensive protection, they provide high-quality genuine App will also protect the safety of users to download and use, so that users from App piracy intrusive real-time protection of large-scale security activities and security measures, but also to Baidu to establish a more extensive influence in developers and users, the mobile eco-system more robust prosperity.

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