Chinese satellite found floating aircraft lost contact with the suspect about the slow progress of search

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Chinese satellite found floating aircraft lost contact with the suspect about the slow progress of search

One satellite imagery from high around at 12:00 on March 18 to get in, in the southern Indian Ocean (latitude 44 degrees 57 minutes east longitude 90 degrees 13 minutes), observed suspected of floating debris which floats about suspected 22 meters and a width of 13 meters, from the physical location of Australia announced a suspected about 120 kilometers south west.

BEIJING, March 23 (Xinhua) comprehensive news on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 search operations for more than 15 days now, the world's eyes are focused on the South Indian Ocean and a few people interested in remote waters in addition to Australia on the 20th released in this piece Sea plane lost contact about suspected debris satellite map, China Satellite on the 18th also nearby area suspected of floating debris, but temporarily unable to confirm whether the aircraft concerned( Currently, countries are increasing rescue forces, but the search has been slow, there is still no valuable discovery, a number of doubts about the aircraft itself is mentioned again, Malaysia were the official explanation.

China Satellite discover new suspected floats

In at 17:30 on the 22nd end news conference, Malaysia on behalf of the Minister of Transport Hishammuddin announced suddenly come up with a note, 'I just got the news Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, the Chinese satellite in the southern Indian Ocean found a large floating debris, which may be lost to the MH370 flight about. '

Hishammuddin said the length and width of the objects were 30 meters and 22 meters, he said, it is uncertain that the Chinese discovered the object with the Australian side lost to the discovery of suspected flights fragments about, can not determine this the specific location of an object.

But shortly, Marfan News released a statement to the size of the suspected floats corrections after the conference is '22.5 meters long, 13 meters wide.'

Subsequently, the news from the National Defense Science and Technology Industrial Development Bureau, said the scores I satellite images acquired from the left and right at 12:00 on March 18, in the southern Indian Ocean (latitude 44 degrees 57 minutes east longitude 90 degrees 13 minutes), observed suspected floating debris. floating about the suspected 22 meters, a width of 13 meters, from the position of Australia announced a suspected object about 120 kilometers south west.

Chinese Embassy in Malaysia also announced that the suspected floating horseshoe, analysts believe that the Chinese authorities, the object image display floating at sea suspected, but still can not determine whether the aircraft lost contact with the relevant(News News

20, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority officials held an emergency press conference on the announcement, found in Australia in the southern Indian Ocean, 'very likely' lost contact with the aircraft-related objects, the news so far is undoubtedly involve aircraft lost contact Search ' The most prominent clues. 'And the Chinese satellite found that a greater focus on the outside of the southern Indian Ocean.

Search parties intensified

Australian authorities announced after satellite images, multi-national rescue forces rushed found in the waters of debris - Perth, Australia, about 2,500 kilometers southwest.

After two days of searching found nothing in front, Australia 22, sent six aircraft, including the P-3 'Orion' patrol aircraft and business jets. Site search scope expanded from 23,000 square kilometers to 36,000 square kilometers, which piece demarcated area of ​​about 2,500 km southwest of Perth.

In addition, two merchant ships are searching the area to assist. Since Australia is the 17th ship crossing the assistance given to the radio since, there have been six vessels in response to a request crossing.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Air Force, two Il-76 planes flew to Perth, Australia 22, all Air Force Base, and another aircraft flew an -8 northeastern part of the Indian Ocean Andaman Sea, three aircraft perform aerial rescue pronged Malaysia Airlines mission aircraft lost contact.

And ending at 12:00 on the 22nd, Chinese waters from the nearest two suspected ship: 'Snow Dragon' has sailed to sea 1050 sea miles away from the suspect, 'the sea Shaohua' Wheel has sailed to sea 1000 sea miles away from the suspect.

China Ministry of Transportation, 'Coast Guard 01', 'Coast Guard 31', 'South China Sea rescue 101', 'South China Sea rescue 115' south of the Indian Ocean are searching forward direction, while sailing, while searching, and gradually released to the Australian side of the suspected waters close.

Challenging track trail

Waters in search of suspected target three days since, although the parties have stepped up the search and rescue forces, but progress is actually quite slow due to the satellite images are observed in the 16th suspected objects are still some floating objects 6 days ago might have no longer float, may sink to the seabed.

To target sea search Australia's first aircraft P3 Orion patrol aircraft 22 afternoon has returned to Pearce Air Force Base. Flying officer said suspected Malaysia Airlines lost contact airliner debris search operations did not find anything. Due to weather conditions the target waters deteriorate, sea Fog barrier live crew searched naked eye.

Rescue workers are facing difficulties, the sea state is in the search area most violent situations, strong winds, waves coupled with the complex currents, floating debris undoubtedly want to find a challenge.

The sailors will be ongoing search of the waters called the 'Roaring 40 degrees' refers to the latitude of 40 degrees near a sea, strong winds here sounds like the sound of a lion roaring.

The Australian Prime Minister Abbott assured tone changed before the 21st, 16th, said in the southern Indian Ocean satellite photographed floating debris, it could be on a container ship fell off, but it can not be confirmed.

Nevertheless, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss next reiterated Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact search operations will definitely proceed, satellite images found fragments of two suspected aircraft lost contact with the relevant date is still the best clue. 'Although this does not absolutely correct clues, but it is still worth the value of search. '

Number of points around the aircraft to be mentioned again Marfan answer

In the eyes of the world will gather 焦至南 the Indian Ocean, the doubts about the aircraft itself is also constantly being exposed by the media. Against carry some small lithium battery on Malaysia Airlines passenger plane lost contact problems, Malaysia once again on the 22nd official clarification, lithium compliance with international civil aviation requires the organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is.

In addition, the daily newspaper BT << >> declared missing 54 minutes to obtain call records Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight cockpit and tower. Analysts said the order during the call log 'very normal', but there are still two areas of doubt.

The first of the doubt is at 1:07 on the 8th, cockpit repeat Send 'airliner cruising height to 35,000 feet,' the information, so this should be a call for some deliberately call the second place is the passenger air traffic control in Malaysia District and Vietnam lost contact with air traffic control zone junction, then west exhumation, which is also considered deliberate.

In this regard, the Malaysian official said the call records flight lost contact with air traffic control center on media reports are inaccurate. Hishammuddin said that media reports of call records is under investigation, but has not yet found any unusual place, but for security reasons, the Macedonian side has not released all call information.

Razak said the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority, British media exposure of this call records are not accurate.

In addition, on the morning of 22 passengers lost contact with the families of the briefing, the family also had 'the crew is raised to MAS treatment wage demands' raised questions regard, 马方官 who denies.

马方官 member, said the pilots and crew of treatment and raises are negotiated by their respective unions reach agreement with Malaysia Airlines. 'We have negotiated with the relevant trade unions last year, good treatment.' (End) Want News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.